Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Need To Apologize

 I am an American, a heritage that I am proud of and I will not apologize for my country nor the freedoms that we enjoy.  My forefathers insured these rights to us by standing in harms way and shedding their blood in order that my heirs would enjoy the same freedoms and inalienable rights as guaranteed by our Constitution.  
As an American, I will not apologize nor expect retribution when my country responds to a natural disaster to assist an afflicted nation regardless of their views toward my country.  My America, is always the first on scene to provide aid and assistance in the time of suffering and material loss.  
As an American, I will not apologize for the military forces of our country.  The men and women of our military services have paid the ultimate price in almost every country in the world.  They have defended those that could not defend themselves against aggression.  At the same time, they to are always there to assist other countries during times of natural disaster.
I will not apologize to no one when in comes to my country.  In recent years, we have witnessed our Commander In Chief apologize to Europe and the Middle East because our country was arrogant.  Perhaps, these countries  should be reminded of the sacrifices endured by our country on their behalf and do not confuse arrogance with leadership.  The count of dead, brave Americans, have touched the soils of all counties of our world.  Hundreds of thousands of these men and women are entombed on their soil.  Many still simply being listed as Missing In Action.  
How many foreign military men and women are buried on our soils after defending us against our enemies?  No, we are not arrogant, we believe in the words that our forefathers set forth with pen in hand and assigned their names to a sacred document.
These, Americans That Answered The Call, Did Not Return From Defending
The Freedoms Of Others.
Not To Be Forgotten, Those Names Etched In Stone That Are Listed As "Missing In Action".

(Alphabetical Order)

 Aisne-Marne, France American Cemetery ~ 2,289 Americans
 Ardennes Belgium ~ 5,329 Americans
 Brittany, France ~ 4,410  Americans
 Brookwood, England ~ 468 Americans
 Cambridge, England ~ 3,812 Americans
 Epinal, France ~ 5,525 Americans

Flanders Field, Belgium ~ 411 Americans

Florence, Italy ~ 4,402 Americans

Henri-Chapelle, Belgium ~ 7,992 Americans
Lorraine, France, France ~ 10,489 Americans
Luxenburg, Luxenburg ~ 5,076 Americans
 Meuse-Argonne, France ~ 14,246 Americans
Neterlands, Netherlands ~ 8,301 Americans 
 Normandy, France ~ 9,387 Americans
 Olse-Aisne, France ~ 6,012 Americans
 Rhone, France ~ 861 Americans
 Sicily / Rome, Italy ~ 7,861 Americans
Somme, France ~ 1,844 Americans
 St. Mihiel, France ~ 4,153 Americans

Uresness, France ~ 1,541 Americans

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